Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit is a signature activity of the Cafe a la Fikr. Café a la Fikr firmly believes that it is critical for the success of any community and for society in general that it enhances its understanding and practice of contemporary leadership principles. The value behind this knowledge cannot be underestimated. It has impact not only at the organizational levels but is also of significant benefit to individuals and families. There are multiple facets to understanding and implementing leadership principles. There have been and continue to be ground-breaking insights into human psychology and having a thorough valuation of these is necessary for personal and societal growth and maturation.

Previous Leadership Summits

Café a la Fikr 2012 Leadership & Spiritual Retreat

Café a la Fikr had its inaugural Leadership Summit in 2012 which was well attended and very successful.

Café a la Fikr 2014 Leadership & Spiritual Retreat

NEXT: Café a la Fikr 2016 Leadership & Spiritual Retreat:

Arbitrating Between the Mind & the Heart
Cross-sectional Thinking - Holistic Realignment - Social Networking

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