Patrons & Benefactors

Café a la Fikr would like to thank our Patrons & Benefactors, Past and Present, who have been instrumental in not only supporting the vision and the idea in word but have done so monetarily from its inception in 2004 as well as those who befriended the “Café” since its reemergence. These are individuals who have given selflessly whenever called upon and have never flinched in that regard. If it were not for such commitment and decisive benevolence, Café a la Fikr and similarly positioned organizations would never succeed. No matter how meaningful and lofty the ambitions may be, it is truly the Patrons & Benefactors who willingly and joyfully support us that make this work feasible. This is not to detract due credit and gratitude that are rightfully deserved by all our sponsors throughout our history, but to honor and recognize those that have done so with primary initiative and unquestioning resolve as they recognized the inherent value and worth of the mission and goals set forth by Café a la Fikr. To them we owe our utmost thanks and recognize them among the honored.

To learn more of how you too can be Patron & Benefactor of Café a la Fikr, please contact our Chair of Board or President.