Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is composed of local community members who have vested interest in the growth of the community by advising, advocating for and collaborating with the Cafe a la Fikr. The committee’s sole purpose is to assist in and promote the Mission and Goals of the Cafe a la Fikr. The 2013 Advisory Committee will be the first such committee formed.

2016 Members:

 Asad Khan, Esq – Chair
•Imad Shammaa, DMD – Vice Chair
•Letha Zook
•Sky Kershner
•Hazem Ashhab, MD
•Ruby Abdullah
•Abdul Rahman Zanabli, MD

2015 Members:

  • Asad Khan, Esq – Chair
  • Imad Shammaa, DMD – Vice Chair
  • Letha Zook
  • Sky Kershner
  • Hazem Ashhab, MD
  • Ruby Abdullah
  • Fazal Shere, JD
  • Abdul Rahman Zanabli, MD

2014 Members:

  • Asad Khan, JD, Chair
  • Dr. Imad Shammaa, Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Letha Zook
  • Fazal Shere, JD
  • Dr. Abdul Rahman Zanabli
  • Dr. Hazem Ashhab
  • Ruby Abdulla
  • Dr. Skye Kershner
  • Dr. Ehteshamul Haque

2013 Members:

  • Asad Khan (Chair)
  • Imad Shammaa (Vice Chair)
  • Uzma Shabih (Secretary)
  • Maysoun Al-Asadi
  • Mariya Tayyab
  • Mouaz Haffar
  • Nadir Mirza
  • Asma Yousaf
  • Ehtesham Ul Haque
  • Aftab Ahmad

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