About the Cafe

Café a la Fikr started as an idea in Charleston, WV as few Muslims sat together one evening talking about current issues and how they related to Islamic thought. As a result of these social meetings, in February 2004, a decision was made to experiment with this idea further:  to come together and invite others over a cup of coffee (Café) to reflect (Fikr) and deliberate upon Islam and how it was relevant to the contemporary world around us; and to do this in a social forum through which we may be able to maximally learn from each other’s knowledge and experience.

It was a novel experiment and the response from the Muslim community members was encouraging. It was decided to hold this forum quasi-monthly. Café a la Fikr forum ran from 2004-2008. The founding members left Charleston and the Café went into hibernation.

On November 27, 2011 (~Muharram 1433 AH) a meeting was held to revive Café a la Fikr by one of the founding members. Subsequently, the “Café” has grown and taken on a charm of its own. Café a la Fikr continues to evolve and seeks community development cross-culturally through social interaction and discourse based on principles of leadership and common humanity the while remaining rooted to the Islamic ethos.

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